Who’s In Your Corner?

Nobody gets there alone

Board Director

Who’s got your back on your board? Too often, boards are dominated by investor groups with limited time to provide the operational support you need and often different incentives than management.

Executive Coach

The best athletes, performers, and CEOs in the world have coaches.  Do you?  Find out how my executive coaching can help you become a better leader and increase your chance of winning.

Strategic Advisor

Wondering how your organization stacks up against best practice?  Need help identifying and unlocking the biggest strategic value-creation levers? 

Saas Expert /
Venture Investor

I’ve seen some of the best SaaS companies in the world up close while working with Bessemer and Next Coast Ventures.  Let me help you become the next one!

My Thoughts on Tech Leadership

May I please pay you more?

I have spent the past 2 years embedded in the Venture Capital world to discover what investors really care about...
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Nobody Wants to Buy Your Product

Long sales cycles? Inconsistent booking results? Un-Predictable Revenue? Maybe you are selling hammers and nobody cares...
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Avoiding Cap Table Vietnam

Does closing your next round feel as hard as finding a good outcome for a losing land war in Asia?
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Let's Talk

Let's transform your business together! Whether you're a startup founder or a CEO, I'm here to help you succeed. Reach out, and let's start the conversation. Your journey to success begins now.